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Prayer is critical if we want God to guide and direct Partnership  For Missional Church here at Woosehill. The words I have written on this blog are just that – only words. They have no power of themselves. The Holy Spirit must empower them if they are to be of any use at all. And that’s where prayer comes in.

At the bottom of each web page is a short prayer. Also, on the top right of each page is “Our Prayer“. We would be so, so grateful if you would pray just one of these prayers each day. If were were all to pray these prayers regularly, we may well be amazed at how much our Church is blessed!

Free app
Now – if you like to be really organised with your prayers there’s a free-to-download app called Prayermate which is a great way to ensure that that you rotate through your prayers regularly.

Prayermate is very easy to use yet extremely versatile. You can make it as  simple or as comprehensive as you want it to be. You put your own prayer points and/or prayers (even long prayers) into each category (you can also create your own additional categories if you want to).

Then you set how many prayers you want to pray each day – and Prayermate will choose them for you so that you rotate through all your prayers regularly.

Prayermate can build and evolve to suit your style of praying as you add more prayers/categories.

Prayermate is set out in a really biblical way – so that you pray from ‘the centre outwards’. Focusing first on God and your walk with Him – then onto family, church, unbelievers, mission, etc etc

Prayermate also gives you access to lots of Scriptures prayers, mission news (Open Doors) and prayer points if you want them. There are loads of resources available.

Hard to believe that such an invaluable aid to prayer is free! However, if you are really pleased with the app and want to support the work, you can become a subscriber for a one-off donation of £5.99.  But that is totally voluntary.

So here’s the link with lots more information:-

A prayer

Lord, help us to make time in our busy lives to pray. And let our primary aim in prayer to be to see you glorified in the answering of our prayers. Show us what and how you would have us pray. Keep us patient and persevering in prayer until you choose to answer our prayers in your own way; in your own time.