Sing Something Simple


Sing-alongs used to be at the very heart of traditional communities. Sing Something Simple has been set up to bring people together and help create community here on Woosehill (but you don’t have to live on Woosehill to be part of our group).

Sing Something Simple is a small, very friendly, group who meet to sing the songs of the sixties. Using iTunes playlists and an iPod speaker produces the authentic sound – exactly as we remember from our youth. We all know that flashback feeling when a song comes on the radio and takes you back to another time, person or place.

Personally meaningful

That is personally meaningful music – and research shows it has a powerful effect upon the brain – it reaches areas that are involved in emotion and memory, language and decision-making, movement and reactions.

Young at heart

This toe-tapping music from decades ago has the power to make us feel young again – well young at heart at least! Most of us ‘can’t sing for toffee’ – but we don’t need to – the sound track covers a ‘multitude of sins’! We simply have fun!

Lyric sheets are provided (though, if you were around anywhere in the 1950’s and 1960s you probably won’t need them).

We meet on the First Thursday of each month (10am-midday)

If you’d like to  join our group, do please get in touch.
For more information, directions and contact details click here
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